Jane Harris creates limited-edition prints with traditional relief printing techniques. 


Her block prints are inspired by the whimsical flora and fauna found throughout her life. Time spent exploring as a child in the farm county of Indiana. Collecting and cataloging insects and various plants was her favorite pastime growing up.  

Jane's work is represented as a collection of species that make up the whole.  Drawing a theme that we cannot exist without each other however big or small.  Lush florals and fantastic insects dominate her creative space. Her body of work suggests nostalgia and whimsy twisted in the tones brought forth in her materials used.  The sculptural aspect of her blocks are to be admired just as much as the prints themselves. 


I first discovered my passion for art at a very young age.  Surrounded by creative women working in textiles and calligraphy, I always had a project in hand. As a child I lived on the edge of a small Indiana town with a corn field in my backyard. Some of my earliest memories are "running away" through the fields to collect bugs and bring them home so I could preserve them as a pinned collection in leftover egg cartons.  I first dipped my toe in printmaking in my late teens and continued to explore print in college, admittedly giving more emphasis to furniture design and sculpture. Print made it's way back to me by the mid 2000's and it's stuck ever since. I am in love with the multidisciplinary process of printmaking and sculptural aspects of it as well.  Experiencing a two dimension image emerge from a block leaves me in constant awe of the process of art. My journey is much more important than the destination. 

I currently live in Southwest Florida with my husband and 3 children.  I am the Director of Education at Art Center Sarasota where I have the amazing opportunity to share creative passions with our community! I am also very passionate about my docent work in our state art museum, John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art. I love to teach artist workshops in a variety of mediums to a wide range of students.