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My process is integral to the outcome in every respect.  Printmaking is exciting for me because of it's interdisciplinary attributes.  I am a sponge for knowledge and printmaking can afford me many different avenues of such. 

The history of printmaking goes back hundreds if not arguably thousands of years ago in many different cultures. as an example typically Japanese prints specifically would have many different hands working on just one block. You would have someone who specialized in each step. An artist to create the design, one to carve the block, one to ink the block, one to print the block and another one to sell the print. All of these were not combined until much later by western culture. Today most printmakers do it all themselves so you can see there is much to master for just one artist today!

This is where I have fallen in love with printmaking!  I have listed my typical process to print just one block along with different variations for different types of projects and applications.  I occasionally create short videos of my process as well. 

Links to process videos below:

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